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5 Benefits of Scalp Massage (Including Hair Growth!)

2 MINUTE READ by Danielle Bennett

July 24, 2022

I'll just get right to it; scalp massage is the most underrated hair hack on the planet, full stop.

By now, it's no secret that the ticket to healthy hair starts with the scalp. And if you've ever had a scalp massage, you no doubt remember how relaxing it felt.

But, that wonderful experience wasn't just in your head (pun intended).

Scalp massage tends to fly under the radar because the spotlight usually shines on hair styling and appearance. However, besides easing stress and tension (more on that later), it offers a slew of amazing benefits you may not be aware of.

Ahead, the top five reasons why you should make this overlooked practice a major part of your life. 

1. Stimulates Hair Growth

Recent research suggests scalp massage works! By gently moving your scalp in circular motions with your finger pads (for about five minutes, everyday), it stretches the cells of hair follicles and stimulates them to individually produce more hair strands.

In addition, the manipulation causes blood vessels underneath the skin to dilate and allow more blood flow to the area.  This is important because a good blood supply is essential for healthy hair growth, too.

2. Reduces Scalp Tension

Yep, scalp tension is a thing and your hairdresser can actually tell right away if your head is stressed.

When we're tense, we tend to hold tension across our hairline, behind the ears and the nape of the neck. This constricts blood vessels that impede blood flow to the follicles, causing extreme tightness and sensations of pressure. 

A massage that pinpoints these areas relieves stressed scalps and encourages hair growth.  It can also help to alleviate the kind of spinal strain caused by spending all day hunched over a computer keyboard.

3. Improves the Nervous System

Massage therapy (including scalp massage) is often used as a complementary treatment for diseases and disorders such as Parkinson's, blood clots and stroke.  The increased blood flow optimizes the body's natural healing abilities and harmony.

4. Promotes a Calm and Uplifted Mood

Studies show that scalp massage releases serotonin, a hormone that increases feelings of emotional wellness and relaxation.  It also reduces cortisol, (aka the "stress hormone") and can lower blood pressure.

5. Encourages Physical Bonding

A scalp massage is a treat we can give to ourselves whenever we want, but trading them with a partner is a fantastic gift.  Shared physical touch releases oxytocin, a chemical that induces feelings of closeness, security and joy.

Scalp massage?

Yes, please!

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